May 30, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

TVT baseball coach Brent Dohling resigns to become assistant principal at Mission Viejo

Brent Dohling (left) has resigned as TVT’s baseball coach. (Photo courtesy TVT)

Tarbut V’ Torah’s athletic director and varsity baseball coach Brent Dohling has resigned to take an administrative position which oversees athletics at Mission Viejo High School, Dohling said Tuesday.

Dohling was head baseball coach at TVT for nine years and led the Lions to two league titles and six CIF playoff appearances. He was named the league’s coach of the year four times. Dohling was athletic director the past seven years.

Dohling said he resigned “with a heavy heart” to accept the job as assistant principal of athletics and 11th and 12th grade discipline at Mission Viejo. He led the TVT baseball team to the league title this past season.

“The thing I will miss the most about TVT are the relationships I’ve built throughout the years with our community, faculty and staff,” Dohling said. “It’s a tremendous place and it will always be a special place within my heart for everything they’ve done not only for myself and my family and specifically those baseball players and families.

“That bond will always forever last and I’ll be forever grateful for the time I spent there. The hardest part is giving up a coaching piece of the position, just because it’s always been a passion of mine.

“But going over to Mission Viejo and still being involved with athletics is something I’m extremely excited about and can’t wait to get over there and serve that community and do whatever I can for the coaches and the athletic program to ensure that we’re building people of character and going out and competing to win in every contest that we’re in.”

No replacement has been made for Dohling.

Dohling will replace Brad Cook, the current Mission Viejo assistant principal, who has resigned to accept another position.

“I will oversee the entire athletics program,” Dohling said. “We will have co-athletic directors that I will be teaming up with. We’re trying to confirm what that looks like in terms of the co-ad model.”

Susie Daher, who has been athletic director, will continue with the athletic program in a similar role, Dohling said.

Dohling said he will follow the same philosophy in athletics that he held at TVT.

“My biggest thing, just like at TVT, we’re there to build young men and women of character first and then from there, we’re going to put in the work to give ourselves the best chance to compete in every sport that we have and then we will let the results take care of themselves,” said Dohling.

Dohling will also be closer to where he works. He resides in Ladera Ranch with his wife Carin and two young daughters, Emery and Kinsley.

-Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone;