May 30, 2024

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PHOTOS: Four Northwood football players plan to focus on academic interests in college

Northwood takes the field in a game last season. (File photo: Fernando M. Donado, For OC Sports Zone; player photos courtesy Northwood football)

Four talented members of last year’s Northwood football team are pursuing interests off the field next year in college and some have accepted scholarships, Coach Paige Nobles said.

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AARON FIRTH: “Aaron Firth has committed to further his education at the University of Colorado, in Boulder,” Nobles said. “Aaron was a multi-sport athlete at Northwood High School. Aaron will be hanging up his football and baseball cleats to concentrate solely on his academic’s and I for one couldn’t be prouder of Aaron’s decision to attend U of Boulder.

“Aaron played a huge part on our offensive line and was also Northwood’s starting catcher on the varsity baseball team. On behalf of Northwood’s entire coaching staff, Aaron’s teammates, and especially myself we all wish you nothing but best as you enter the University of Colorado this Fall as a freshman.”

LOGAN LEWIS: “Logan Lewis will be attending the University of British Columbia where Logan will be studying the field of psychology,” Nobles said. “Logan was a multi-sport athlete at Northwood high school and a huge part of the success of each sport he played.

“On behalf of Northwood’s coaching staff, Logan’s teammates, and I,  we all wish Logan the very best this fall as he will be entering the University of BC as a freshman.”

CONRAD SATERMO: “I am so pleased to announce that Northwood’s very on multi-talented football athlete and musician will be entering Fullerton College’s commercial music program,” Nobles said. “Conrad was a four-year Timberwolf and also played in the band. Conrad not only can play multiple instruments, but he also has an amazing voice. Conrad made me a Christmas CD that he played and sang on it and it was such an amazing gift. Conrad played on our special teams and was one of the reasons why the special teams was so successful. Conrad will be concentrating solely on his music career this fall. On behalf  of Northwood’s entire coaching staff,  Conrad’s teammates,  and I, wish Conrad nothing but success.”

LEIF SATERMO: “Leif Satermo will be attending Irvine Valley College this fall to pursue his education to become a civil engineer,” Nobles said. “Leif played a huge role on Northwood’s special teams and was also a huge reason why our special teams was so successful. There is no doubt in my mind after Leif receives his degree and becomes a civil engineer our infrastructures will be better designed and built and with Leif’s stamp of approval on those infrastructures his projects will be the strongest designs ever built.”