May 24, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

Northwood’s Adam Harper MVP of Pacific Valley League; first and second teams

Adam Harper led Northwood’s charge to a CIF title. (Photo: Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone).

Northwood junior running back/defensive back Adam Harper, who led the Timberwolves to their first CIF title in football, has been named MVP of the Pacific Valley League.

Harper led the Timberwolves past Long Beach Jordan in the CIF Division 11 championship game. Northwood, coached by JC Clarke, also won the league title.

Woodbridge junior wide receiver/defensive back Daniel Goodrich was named the offensive MVP, Northwood junior linebacker Danial Kamel was selected defensive MVP and Beckman senior Aiden Fordyce was named all-purpose MVP.


Jan Abdulrahman, junior, OL, Northwood

Kaden Carter, sophomore, DE, Northwood

Ahmad Kazi, junior, WR/DB, Northwood

JK Kang, junior, DB, Northwood

Ace Jacobs, senior, OL, Northwood

Eugene Miyata, junior, QB, Northwood

Aaron Levisse, senior, OL, Northwood

Ahmad Wahby, senior, OL, Northwood

Derrick Moore, junior, WR/DB, Woodbridge

Alex Scaglione, senior, OL, Woodbridge

JJ Dossen, senior, LB, Woodbridge

Feiamma Armstrong, junior, RB, Woodbridge

Ashton Salberg, senior, LB, Woodbridge

Marcello Lumanlan, senior, DB, Woodbridge

Justin Sevilla, senior, WR/DB, Beckman

Vincent Kim, junior, LB, Beckman

Kenneth Aldaco, sophomore, OL, Beckman

Christian Taylor, junior, LB, Beckman

Matthew Keyser, senior, DL, Beckman

Dominic Bejarano, senior, LB, University

Joe Cameron, senior, OL, University

Noah Scherson, senior, WR/DB, University

Eithar Takesh, sophomore, DB, University

Andrew Bogard, P, University


Shaun Walkman, senior, DL, Northwood

Esmar Walkman, Esmar, senior, DE, Northwood

Zack Maxwell, senior, DT, Northwood

Ryan Kesler, junior, WR/DB, Northwood

Joe Harper, freshman, WR/DE, Northwood

Nick He, senior, OL, Northwood

Casey Athas, junior, RB, Woodbridge

Cameron Athas, senior, OL, Woodbridge

Tyler Bottoms, senior, OL, Woodbridge

Joseph Flannigan, senior, OL, Woodbridge

Joey Horton, senior, OL, Woodbridge

Aiden Coleman, senior, DL, Woodbridge

Logan Pizzo, Logan, senior, DL, Woodbridge

Jonathan Sandoval, junior, RB/LB, Beckman

Jaden Giles, senior RB/DB, Beckman

Dylan Vitug, junior, OL/DL, Beckman

Nick Molina, freshman, QB, Beckman

Alven Hsu, senior, DL, Beckman

Blaine Anderson, sophomore, WR, University

Koa Saito, sophomore, LB, University

Brooks Beckmann, sophomore, DB, University

Christopher Rue, junior, LB, University

Christian Ortiz, senior, DL, University

Sharif Hayek, senior, OL, University

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