May 25, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

Northwood football coach embarked on a 23-mile bike ride to inspire his players

Northwood football coach Paige Nobles kept busy on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy Northwood High)

Northwood High football coach Paige Nobles had quite a day Wednesday embarking on a 23-mile bike trip from his home in Aliso Niguel to the Northwood campus to inspire his players.

Here’s what he did, in his own words:

“As for those who know me knows I cannot sit still at all. I knew I was going to go ride my bike today but wasn’t sure how long of a ride I was going to do. I haven’t rode since last summer so I wanted to take it slow and maybe only do 3-5 miles but as I started out and reached that 5-mile maker that little girl from the commercial popped into my head saying ‘you didn’t wake up being mediocre today’ so I set my sights on Northwood High School.

“I left my house in Aliso Viejo and 30 minutes and 23 miles later one way I was on the upper grass field saying hi to Jerry my equipment manager relining the grass field in hopes of us coming back to school very soon.

“Of course I went to my office did some work and then took off back for home. Which by the way took me a little longer to make it back because yes I was tired… lol…. When I used to ride a lot in my younger days I would take off and I would end up logging in over 75 plus miles. There is nothing better enjoying the fresh air, looking at the amazing sites around town and for myself I usually have to make it contest to see if I can out go my previous ride.

“I’m hoping this will inspire my players to get out there and keep in shape by doing some form of cardio either by walking, riding a bike, swimming or going out for an old fashion run/jog.

“I don’t want to make it mandatory yet because I know my players are responsible enough to do it on there own especially if they want to continue on the success they had last season.

“Tomorrow, not sure what I’m going to do but I do know I will be doing some work for a little bit. Still need to get my spring camp scripts ready but when I am finished with coaching work I will be doing something outside. Maybe the driving range, (if it is open), or maybe even take out my dirt bike on go ride out in the desert, or I might even go fishing.

“I know this down time is best for all and making sure everyone stays healthy. So please make sure you are all doing the precautionary steps to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.

“To my players, parents, coaching staff and fellow staff members if you require any assistance with anything please do not hesitate to reach out to me and if I am able to help out you can count on me and I know you can also count on my coaching staff as well.”

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