May 22, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

It’s an uncertain path for OC high school boys basketball after numerous postponements

Godinez (light uniforms) and Segerstrom get ready to play a league game Friday. (Photo courtesy Mark Bausman, For OC Sports Zone).

It’s tough to predict what will happen in the final few weeks of the regular season for high school boys basketball in Orange County.

Athletic directors have been scrambling to reschedule games that were postponed last week due to the coronavius pandemic or safety and health protocols.

Only one postponement was announced Monday: the University vs. Northwood Pacific Coast League game Tuesday. But there may be others that haven’t been reported to the media or other postponements that will be made Tuesday based on completed tests for the coronavirus.

Godinez and Segerstrom boys basketball teams were able to play Friday night in a Golden West League game. The game was originally scheduled for Feb. 1 but with both teams needing games, it was moved up.

Segerstrom won 46-44 to move into a share of first place in the league with a 1-0 record.

Segerstrom Coach Brandon Rogers and Godinez Coach Robert Morgan were both happy to get the game in. They had different thoughts on how to complete the league season by Feb. 5, the date CIF officials have set to finish before the start of CIF playoffs.

CIF officials have waived the rule that prohibited Sunday games. Make-up games can now be held on Sundays.

“We had to cancel Tuesday’s game, we were actually supposed to play Garden Grove tonight (Friday), but we scheduled Godinez because we were the only two league teams able to play,” Rogers said. “I know the (referee) assigner said there were 67 games cancelled Tuesday and a similar number tonight.

“We’re playing it day by day, it could be us that’s out, so our league is taking an approach that if there is a game that can be played, let’s play it.

“We’ve (the world) been dealing with COVID for about two years, I think we’re a little better prepared, but it’s still tough.”

Rogers had mixed thoughts on the rest of the season.

“There has been talk about a break, I don’t think the omicron variant has reached its peak yet, so I think if we took two weeks off and the CIF pushed playoffs and everybody re-convened, there is no guarantee it would be better but I think we will start having a downcurve of omicron and it might be a little better for us.

“But I think right now if we’re going to play, we’re going to have these cancellations and having to reschedule and play on off days.”

Godinez Coach Robert Morgan would like to see the teams try and adjust and finish the regular season.

“For me, I would rather play games like the NBA or the NFL is doing where however many you got on any given day, let’s do it because I can’t imagine us pushing it on,” he said. “We’re trying to re-do games, but I think we just play with whatever frosh or JV kids you have around and that’s your team for that night.

“It’s sad for seniors who may be out in those situations but I don’t think we have much choice.”

Cypress coach Derek Mitchell has had to deal with the affects of pandemic. The Centurions had to postpone two games last week, but they are return to return to action with two Empire League games this week.

“I am not sure what the best possible decision is unless CIF pushes back a couple of weeks,” Mitchell said. “It’s been really difficult trying to reschedule games because of the limited amount of time before playoffs are supposed to begin.

“I spoke with a couple of coaches who have gone through what we are and said it’s about a two-week process before you get everyone back.”

—Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone;