May 27, 2024

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Irvine wrestler Kaimana McCreadie qualifies for state with strong showing at Master’s

Irvine wrestler Kaimana McCreadie (third from right) is headed to the state tournament. (Photo courtesy Irvine High).

Irvine High wrestler Kaimana McCreadie has qualified for the state tournament beginning Thursday in Bakersfield after a strong showing at Master’s, according to Irvine Coach John Phillips.

“Kaimana opened the tournament with a 1:57 fall (pin) vs. Miguel Licona from Newport Harbor,” Phillips said.

“Licona finished fifth in CIF last week.  He then had a huge win vs. Malach Lyles from Mayfair, 10-6.  Lyles finished third in CIF last week, and would end up finishing fourth in the Masters Tournament.

“With those two victories, Kaimana advanced to the quarterfinals and was victorious with a major decision vs Israel Webster from Paloma Valley, 16-8. Webster finished second in CIF last week.  With Kaimana advancing to the semifinal round, he immediately qualified for the state tournament.  Due to shoulder soreness, we elected to default out of the tournament and drop down to a fifth place finish rather than risk further irritation to the shoulder.”

CIF Masters is a 32-man bracket size tournament with five qualifiers from six CIF divisional tournaments, Phillips explained.

Irvine was grouped in the Inland Division the previous week at Temecula where McCreadie finished as the divisional champion. (Please click here to see that story)

“The six divisional tournaments are based on parity,” Phillips said.