May 30, 2024

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Chiefs or 49ers? OC coaches and ADs weigh in on who will capture the Super Bowl

Segerstrom Coach Joseph Tagaloa will be rooting for the 49ers. (Photo courtesy Mark Bausman, For OC Sports Zone)

Segerstrom High’s football coach Joseph Tagaloa will be among those rooting for the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in Super Bowl LIV vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

He and others talk about the game and who they are picking in the OC Sports Zone’s second annual Super Bowl special.

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Coach Tagaloa:

“First, let me start off by saying I am a 49ers fan, so I am a little bias.
I got to go with my team the San Francisco 49ers to take home the victory. I have been a Niners fan since the 80’s and the Bill Walsh era with Montana, Rice, Craig, Rathman, Taylor, and Jones. I used to watch those guys go out there and dominate.

“This year’s team is very similar to what I remember growing up, that is to say there is a definite buzz going around about how good the team is. The funny thing is, prior to the season we were supposed to finish .500, and as the season went on, analysts began to believe. Now that we made it, all I keep hearing is how special (quarterback Patrick) Mahomes is.

“That is a fact. Mahomes is exceptional, but I got to go with team over player. I think the ‘Niners are the better team and play complementary football. In order for the ‘Niners to have success and bring home the win, they will have to keep Mahomes in the pocket and tackle well. Offensively, we have to convert on third down. If the offense is on the field, then that keeps Mahomes off the field. At the end of the day I am taking the ‘Niners by a score of 24-21. Should be a great game.”

Claire Gocke, Tustin girls basketball coach:

“I’m rooting for the 49ers because they are a California team and with the recent tragedy stunning most of this state and the professional athlete world, it would welcome a positive celebration during an otherwise sad time. With that being said, either team that wins deserves that celebration with their direct community and fan base.”

Rick Gibson, former football coach at Woodbridge:

“No rooting as I am a Rams fan but here is my prediction: 49ers 31-28. I believe 49ers defense is the best defense in the NFL and believe that is the difference in this game.” 

Sean Curtis, Capo Valley football head coach:

“I’m looking for a great game. I really like both of these head coaches. I remember watching the 49ers last year when they went 4-12 and even though they weren’t winning, you could tell they were really well coached. I believe (quarterback Jimmy) Garropolo was out and they had a bunch of injuries. Yet, they still competed a high level.

“Kyle Shanahan and I have both coached for our dads. So I kind of relate to him because of that. I’m happy for him to have been able to turn things around so quickly. But there is one player in this game that I think is above the rest and that is Patrick Mahomes. He is the future of the NFL in my opinion. The way he improvises and extends plays is really unique. The 49ers defense is really really good… but I think the combination of Mahomes and Andy Reid will be too much. I’m taking the Chiefs (35-28).” 

Jay Lyon, president of Woodbridge Athletic Booster Club:

“I’m struggling here…  I guess we were so spoiled with how well the Rams did last year…  although I appreciate both quarterbacks s and what they bring to their respective offenses, I’m really just not that excited to watch either team..  I’ll definitely tune in for commercials and the halftime, in between watching Rams highlights (the few that exist).  If I’m forced to pick…  I’d say KC wins it. Go Rams.”

Alicia Seevers, athletic director, Orange High School:

“Since I’m a Saints fan, I’ll be rooting for Kansas City, for the simple fact that Andy Reid is a phenomenal coach and I would like to see him get the championship he deserves for all his years of hard work.”

Derek Mitchell, Cypress High boys basketball coach:

“I’ve got to go with Mahomes and I think KC will take it. I’m a Bears fan, my dad is from Chicago so I watch all the Chicago teams.”

Rob Thompson, athletic director, Saddleback High School:

“As a lifelong Charger fan, I can never cheer for the Chiefs.  Beyond that, I think the 49er defense can stop Mahomes and without Mahomes, the Chiefs are an average team at best.” 

-Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone;