May 24, 2024

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Cal State Fullerton softball hosting top teams at Titan Classic Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Cal State Fullerton Softball vs Long Beach State at Goodwin Field in Fullerton, CA. Photo by Matt Brown

Senior outfielder Ari Williams takes a swing for Cal State Fullerton’s softball team.

Cal State Fullerton’s softball team will open the season by hosting the second annual Titan Classic beginning Thursday night, Feb. 7 at Anderson Family Field.

The Titans defeated Idaho State 3-2 on Thursday.

The tournament field includes Idaho State, Loyola Marymount, Northwestern, Buffalo, Utah State, Louisville, and Pacific. The tournament will feature 20 games through Sunday.

Tournament schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 7

Cal State Fullerton 3, Idaho 2

Friday, Feb. 8

Field 1:

10 a.m., Northwestern vs,. Utah State

12:30 p.m., Northwestern vs. Pacific

3 p.m., Cal State Fullerton vs. Buffalo

5:30 p.m., Cal State Fullerton vs. Louisville

Field 2

10 a.m., Buffalo vs. Pacific

1 p.m., Louisville vs. Idaho State

3:30 p.m., Loyola Marymount vs. Utah State

6 p.m., Loyola Marymount vs. Idaho State

Saturday, Feb. 9:

Field 1

10 a.m., Louisville vs. Buffalo

12:30 p.m., Idaho State vs. Buffalo

3 p.m., Loyola Marymount vs. Northwestern

5:30 p.m., Cal State Fullerton vs. Utah State

Field 2

10 a.m., Idaho State vs. Pacific

12:30 p.m., Louisville vs. Northwestern

3 p.m., Pacific vs. Utah State

Sunday, Feb. 12

Field 1

9 a.m., Idaho State vs. Northwestern

11 a.m.. Cal State Fullerton vs. Pacific

Field 2

9:30 a.m., Louisville vs. Utah State

11:30 a.m., Buffalo vs. Loyola Marymount