May 22, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

Bob Flint, who has coached in OC for more than 50 years: ‘resume baseball in June’

Bob Flint is currently an assistant coach at Northwood High. (Photo Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone)

Long-time Orange County baseball coach Bob Flint answered some questions from OC Sports Zone about his thoughts on the coronavirus and the impact on our lives. Coach Flint, 75, has been a head coach at Irvine and Woodbridge and among his other stops, he’s been at El Toro and Orange Coast College and is currently an assistant for Coach Rob Stuart at Northwood. He is in his 53rd year of coaching baseball, and like many is hoping athletics in Orange County return after a break.

What is your first reaction to athletics being shut down?

Flint: Good decision. Historically, people are slow to react to pandemics, then feel guilty when they end. Seems like we have a hard time with pragmatic approaches to societal problems. Folks are often lethargic or hysterical. We’ll see how this one goes.

What have you been doing this season?

Flint: I’m coaching with Robbie Stuart at Northwood again this year. We are 4-4, 1-0 in league play.

Have you ever gone through anything like this?

Flint:   As far as past experience with this kind of crisis, I’d have to say probably no. As a kid, the polio crisis in the mid 50’s was quite dangerous, but I was only 10 years old and don’t remember the danger. The late 60’s-early 70’s were a mess, with Vietnam, civil rights, Kent State, Democratic convention rights, killings of Bobby Kennedy and Martin L King. Quite a time to start a coaching career. But, there were solutions to those events. Right now there is no ability to fight back against this pandemic presently, other than “duck and cover.”

What advice can you give people?

Flint: Folks need to listen to the medical research that’s coming out. I’ve got afibralation  and congestive heart failure to add to my age, so you better believe I’m listening.  I’m doing everything that I’ve been told to do  (hand washing, etc). I clean the bike at the gym, shower immediately after getting home, workout clothes washed. Jeanne (his wife) is awesome about wiping things with cleaner and reminding me about it as well.

I do go to my yoga studio. They are great about spacing and cleaning. I stretch at home as well, keep up with the news, especially politics, and do a lot of reading.

What is your expectation about sports returning?

Flint: I have no clue about sports returning. It might be fun for the CIF to make baseball a summer sport this year. Start in June, finish in July.

How are you doing and what steps are you taking to stay healthy?

Flint: I’m eating well, exercising, and life is great. Let’s hope we all survive this pandemic and get back on the diamond.