May 25, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

HIGHLIGHTS: Test your knowledge about Orange County sports in our quiz

One of the highlights of 2019 was when Santa Margarita’s baseball team captured the CIF Division 2 title at Dodger Stadium. (File photo: Fernando M. Donado, For OC Sports Zone)

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been more than a month without sports, any sports.

We hope you’re all doing OK. Like us, you’re undoubtedly missing sports of any kind. We look forward to the day, whenever that is, when athletes can play, coaches can coach, fans can cheer and sportswriters can write. But only when it is safe.

Until then, we’re reflecting on some of the memorable stories we’ve covered since debuting in July 2018.

We’re presenting our first OC Sports Zone sports quiz. We don’t have any prizes to offer and we’re on the honor system so have some fun with it. Feel free to email us if you want your answers shared. Otherwise, you can have some fun on social media. We will present the answers on Friday.

So, here goes:

No.1: Which NBA basketball player held a youth camp in Orange County in 2018?

No. 2: Which Orange County high school baseball player told OC Sports Zone that he dreamed of being in a dogpile at the end of the 2019 season?

No. 3: Which Orange County football team captured the Dennis Toohey Fence Post Trophy in October of 2018?

No. 4: In 2019, which football player said this: “It’s bittersweet. I’m sad that this is the last ride with my guys but this was the ultimate goal. I’ll do anything for one more game with them. But this is the ultimate goal, I’m just so happy. I’m happy to be part of this community, happy to be a part of this team. We did it.”

No. 5: In July of 2018, what Orange County baseball player passed up a lucrative Major League contract to play college baseball?

If you get five answers correct, you’re a very loyal OC Sports Zone reader. If you get three to four answers right, you’re doing pretty well too.

Regardless, we thank you all for reading and we will continue our regular publication schedule through all of this.

Please be safe and well!

-Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone;