May 23, 2024

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PHOTOS: Tustin coaches find a way to honor seniors who had an early end to careers

Tustin head coach Charles Chatman (left) and assistant head coach Ben Owens visit with Parker Cadacio Saturday. (Photos courtesy Tustin baseball)

Tustin High’s baseball team would have had its senior day on Thursday.

But with the early cancellation of the season because of the coronavirus pandemic, those plans changed. Head coach Charles Chatman and assistant head coach Ben Owens still wanted to honor their seniors.

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“In lieu of our normal senior celebration, our current and future booster presidents came up with the idea of creating lawn signs and visiting each players home on Saturday,” Chatman said.

“Along with getting a chance to see our guys (none of which I’ve seen since our last day of school, Friday March 13) it took roughly five and a half hours.

“We were able to visit all 10 seniors, delivered each of them a cool lawn sign, spent 20 to 30 minutes getting caught up, shared much needed smiles and laughs and most importantly just broke up the monotony of isolation.”

-Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone;