May 30, 2024

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HONORING CREAN LUTHERAN: Saints volleyball team notched key non-league wins

Crean Lutheran’s boys volleyball team (back from) left to right: Jaret Yucknat, Jeremy Simon, Samuel Bray, Stephen Cooke, Christian Hahm, Hunter Baldwin and Christian Griffin; front row, Kaden Kring, Brendan Kasravi, Christopher Nomura, Justin Kim, Colin Christie and Wyatt Matthews. (Photo courtesy Crean Lutheran High School, Lori Yucknat)

Crean Lutheran’s boys volleyball team started off the season with a 6-8 record with big victories over Fountain Valley and Villa Park.

“Twenty-twenty boys volleyball has been a true blessing,” said Coach Glenn Henry. “I was called back to Crean Lutheran and thankful to our group of guys who had been pushing hard to get back to a championship mindset with faith and class. Our nine seniors have led nicely and were looking forward to a shot at CIF.”

Coach Henry also talked about the seniors:

Kaden Kring: “Kaden has competed at the highest level in high school and club and has displayed the most complete set of skills over his four years. He has become our on the floor leader and will excel nicely at the next level.”

Christopher Nomura: “Topher is a huge spiritual leader for us. He continues to lead players with his dedication and all in attitude in all that he does. There are no shortcuts with Topher, it shows in his work, demeanor, energy and excellence on and off the court.”

Christian Hahm: “Hahm has been our offensive key over the years here at Crean Lutheran. His physical presence and ability to see the floor has helped us succeed this season against some big teams. Looking forward to seeing what is next for him.”

Christian Griffin: “C. Griff as we call him has been a huge piece for us over the years. He thinks critically and respects everyone he comes in contact with. I am very pleased with his ability to grow as a player over the years and more importantly as a young man and am excited for his future.”

David Cooke: “D. Cooke came to us as a surprise this season. His physicality and willingness to learn really helped him excel quickly. David always brought a great energy to our team in practice and games with his ability to lead vocally with maturity and superb demeanor. “

Sam Bray: “Sam was a true talent for us. If he continues to play, he has the ability to excel at the next level, and beyond that with his Volley IQ and focus. Regardless of what he does next year, he will be impressive to follow in all that he accomplishes.”

Colin Christie: “Colin has a career in coaching if he is willing, he has been the most sound in understanding film and sees all of the things the coaches see. He has really shown this in our online film studies as of late. I am sure he will excel and work toward bigger goals, but if interested, can be a great coach someday.”

Jaret Yucknat: “Jaret has been a go-to guy for us. He can be trusted in any moment to start or come off the bench and get his job done. He’s a true blue-collar guy and will do well next year in whatever he decides to do. Looking forward to hearing about his future.”

Wyatt Matthews: “Wyatt has battled on and off the court over the years, he has faced quite a bit of adversity but has continued to push through all that he has been hit with. I admire his perseverance and ability to keep moving forward. He stands tall, rises and embodies the expression; ‘fall seven times, stand up eight.'”


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