May 17, 2024

OC Sports Zone: Community First

Happy Father’s Day! No major sports to watch, but it can still be special (share your photos)

Tesoro High boys basketball coach Steve Garrett with his son Kaden, one of four children, in December. (File photo Tim Burt, OC Sports Zone)

Happy Father’s Day!

There are so many great fathers in our communities and we wish each and every one of you a great day. There are also lots of fathers who are great role models to so many youngsters.

So many times we have heard those we have interviewed say, “he’s been like a father to me.” It usually refers to a coach who has had a positive affect on athletes.

The past couple of years, we’ve met so many great dads including coaches and fans who want the best for their children who play sports. In January, we shared the story of Tesoro boys basketball coach Steve Garrett, who was coaching his son, Kaden.

But these have been trying times since March as we deal with the affects of the coronavirus pandemic. The fathers have had to cope with watching their children’s sports seasons end early, which is painful to them and their children. These are times that can’t be relived and our hearts go out to them.

Yet, the fathers still strived to make the most of a difficult situation, honoring their daughters and sons in drive-by season-ending ceremonies. And, as always, they’ve kept the faith and looked optimistically to the future during challenging times.

And a personal note …. I’ve been blessed to know so many people in my life who have been like father figures, too, people who have inspired me to fulfill my dream since the death many years ago of my our father, Robert Burt, who provided the initial push to get into this very rewarding business. My dad was the biggest sports fan I ever knew, he loved reading the Los Angeles Times sports section from from front to back in his Long Beach home. He also wrote automative and travel columns for the old Los Angeles Herald Examiner. My dad always encouraged me to be a writer and I am grateful for that and have been so blessed.

But Bob Burt is not the only one providing inspiration on this day to the Burt family …. there are so many family members and friends who are amazing fathers and tremendous supporters through thick and thin. We know many of you have lost fathers, and we know you are fondly remembering your dad today.

It’s fantastic to see all the Father’s Day tributes on Facebook and Twitter today for fathers. We would love to share photos of what you are doing today. This is a website for our communities and we would love to share these photos with our readers!

It doesn’t quite seem the same today.

Sadly, this is the first Father’s Day without major sports in a long time, but we hope everyone can use the extra time to realize how important fathers are in our lives and to celebrate them!

Happy Father’s Day!


Here’s a look at last year’s Father’s Day Tribute: