May 28, 2024

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Foothill baseball coach Vince Brown shares a heartfelt message to his 2020 seniors

Foothill Coach Vince Brown saluted his seniors this week. (Photo courtesy Foothill baseball).

With the season ending much earlier than expected Foothill baseball coach Vince Brown sent a letter to his seniors on Wednesday which he shared on Twitter and also provided to OC Sports Zone for publication.

Foothill was off to an 8-2 start before athletics were suspended.

Brown wrote:

It was just two weeks ago that MaxPreps ranked Foothill baseball the No. 66 team in the country and No. 14 in California. There is no doubt in my mind that this team was headed to a special and incredible 2020 season. 

Yesterday afternoon’s move by our school board signals the end to our 2020 baseball season. 

We all need to do our part in taking great care of our community and the health of everyone around us. As much as I struggle with losing the baseball season, it’s the bigger picture we must appreciate. 

I am beyond heartbroken for all our seniors. I am crushed that we won’t have our last hug on the field . . . that you won’t be able to finish what you’ve started.

Seniors, I want you to know how much I love you . . . I am so proud of the young men you’ve become and the way you’ve stepped up and led this young team. 

Thank you, seniors! As of today, I’m not sure when or if we will have a final day of closure (banquet)

Sam Coulston: 5-0 with 20 appearances in the last two years. Your ability to compete and be a team guy is special. I watched you work so hard to be the best you can be and I’m so proud of you. 

Trevor Curran: You’ve been making such great progress, after walking away from baseball a year ago it’s so great seeing you playing again! I appreciate you being with us every day. I know that I don’t make life easy for you but I do know you can achieve greatness… . set your dreams high and work to achieve your dreams.

Lucas Garcia: I’m inspired by your hard work and commitment…. 31 games played, .373 batting average, 22 hits and 22 RBI, and eight doubles. Thanks for being a leader of this team. 

Hudson Lehnertz: You are an impressive young man. I’m in such awe of your choice to go to the Naval Academy. I’m so proud to say I was your coach. I challenged you a month or two ago about leading this team and did you ever step up . . . 10 games, .533,16 hits, 15 runs, four doubles, two triples, nine RBI. You finished your career with a .413 average, 43 hits, 26 RBI. But in the end, I appreciated the way you led this team this season. 

Garrett Maciel: I have always appreciated a guy who wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. You made the choice to come back and play this year. Your teammates love you and I believe your chemistry helped make us better. 

Jake Massey: Thank you for your leadership, I would have never thought a couple of years ago that your leadership would be such a valuable instrument in our success. You had seven wins a year ago and I’m confident as this we got deeper into this season that you were going to be a key to our championship season. You know what it takes to win.

Braeden Mills: There is no greater teammate than Braeden, not everyone gets to be the Star . . . but know what you’ve brought to this program and this varsity team makes you a star,

Jacob Nava: Your growth as a player has been incredible, you’ve worked so hard to be a great player. You’ve had 112 plate appearances in the past three years, but the work you were doing this year at making things happen at the top of the order has been great. In the first 10 games with 31 plate appearances, you only had one strikeout while having five walks and three hit by pitches, you made our offense go. 

Thomas Parker: Your hard work and dedication are second to none. I am incredibly proud of you! I was lucky enough to see your dad play and to be around your grandpa when he was coaching. Your love for the game, your approach for playing the game . . . I can only imagine how proud your dad is, and I know your grandpa would be all smiles and I guarantee he’d be the loudest guy in the stands. 

Cameron Tae: You have always been the best teammate, you love the game and you play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. No team . . . no program can be successful without someone like you. I know your work ethic, your huge personality and your ‘all in’ attitude will make you extremely successful. I am so proud to say I was your coach.

Blake Worden: It’s never easy being a two-sport guy, I am so thankful to have you a part of this team and program. It would be easy to go 100 percent to football, but you’ve worked on your game and have been a great teammate. Your hard work in football paid off with a great season and the opportunity to play next year, but I also know all the time and effort you put into Baseball will pay off in the end. 

Luke Peterman and Jackson Selby: You both were working so hard to potentially have the chance to return this spring. I really appreciate your being with us at each game and I know your teammates appreciate you both. I am so proud of both of you and look forward to what you’ll do once you’re 100 percent again. 

Juniors, sophomores and freshman . . We won’t return to ‘team’ baseball until it’s safe, but I do hope you’ll take the time to keep yourself ready for the day we can return to the field. I miss all of you.

Keep safe and enjoy this time with your family.

If you have taken pictures, we would like to share team pictures with our readers. These can be pictures of seniors or the entire team and we will run these throughout the coming months to salute the hard working athletes of Orange County who have had their seasons cut short. We don’t want anyone to take pictures during this time. Please email pictures, names of the players and some highlights to so we can share with our readers. Horizontal pictures similar in size to the one above work best. OC Sports Zone will continue to be here for our communities with special features.