May 30, 2024

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CIF officials explain rules on transfers, Sunday prohibition and multi-sport athletes

CIF Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod in a letter to Orange County principals and athletic directors Monday responded to a number of questions that have come about since the new CIF calendar was announced on July 20.

Here is the part of the release from the CIF, which officials said deals with the most often-asked questions.

A) CIF Bylaw 207, Transfer Eligibility, Sit-Out Period: The sit-out period provision contained in CIF Bylaw 207 remains in place. The fact that the beginning of a particular sport season may begin more than 12 months after the student’s transfer of school, does not exempt the student from the sit-out period provision in that bylaw. Each sport has a published sit-out period date for that sport and those dates will be applied during the 2020-2021 school year. 

B) CIF Bylaw 504.M – Sunday Rule: The prohibition on practices, competition or any association of any kind between student-athletes and their coaches on a Sunday during the high school season of sport remains in effect. With the suspension of CIF Bylaws 600-605, allowing student-athletes to participate on outside teams during the high school season of sport, the prohibition on Sunday activities is unchanged. Coaches who coach both high school and club/travel programs are not permitted to associate with their high school student-athletes on a Sunday during the high school season of sport under the guise of a club/travel program. 

C) CIF Bylaw 506.A – Multiple – Sport Athletes/Maximum of 18 Hours Per Week: There are no bylaws that prohibit students from participating in two sports during the same season of sport. In scenarios where a student is participating in two sports within the same season, per CIF Bylaw 506.A, the student has a maximum of 18 total hours per week of practices and competitions each week of the high school season. They do not have a maximum of 18 hours per week in each sport. Reminder, competitions count as three hours per day.